The Abney Foundation

The Abney Foundation is a private foundation, founded in 1957, with offices at 100 Vine Street in Anderson, South Carolina.

Scholarship Programs at Abney and Associates Foundation

The Abney Foundation (Our Founder) has established scholarship endowments at fourteen colleges and universities across the state of South Carolina. Over $27,000,000 has been awarded to 12,865 Abney Scholars, including 568 students for the academic year 2013-14. The combined endowment balances exceed $38,475,000.


The Abney Foundation makes grants to fund these endowments; however the schools administer the scholarship programs themselves. You may contact the financial aid department at the school you're interested in to see if you qualify.


Below is a list of schools that have Abney Foundation (Resources) scholarships:


How to Apply?

Get a copy of our grant application guidelines here. The deadline for proposals is Friday, November 14th.


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